Fiesta Furnishngs Design Services


For nearly 30 years Scottsdale has been home to Fiesta Furnishings. Our mission is to make Arizona a more beautiful place, and our way of doing that is through home design. We proudly offer free design services to help you realize your home's full potential. Whether you are starting fresh with a new home, or simply doing a small refresh, our design team is ready to assist. Call or visit us at our showroom to schedule your free appointment for an in-home design consultation. 

Claudia LeClair

Michael Wheeler

Since moving to The Valley from Indiana in 1974, Michael Wheeler has continuously shared his passion for style and his expansive creativity with all of his clients here at Fiesta Furnishings. Before owning a successful hair salon in Scottsdale for 20 years, Michael had always been artistically expressive, nurturing his talents to fearlessly innovate traditional ideas of style. He has a true talent for using bold colors and juxtaposing seemingly different styles without diminishing their character. If you are seeking out an artist to transform your home into a center of living color and inventive expression, Michael is the designer for you!

Shelley Burris

Shelley is a driven individual with over 20 years total of Interior Design experience, along with extensive experience in sales, and has spent 17 years at Fiesta so far. She adores all of her friends and family enormously, savoring every moment she has with her husband of 38 years and her two sons. Since moving to Arizona from Nebraska with her husband, Shelley’s versatile creativity has reflected her open-mindedness in culture and style, as well as her passions for traveling, enjoying nature, and entertaining house guests. Above all, Shelley deeply cares about the connections she has nurtured with her clientele at Fiesta, whom she only hopes to inspire as they create a beautiful home together.

Patty Anderson

Patty has been in the Home Furnishing's Industry since 1981, starting as a design consultant with the Seattle and San Francisco Furniture Marts, then moving into Home Design in 1996.
During those 20+ years in helping customers with design choices she has been involved with all aspects to help her customers reach their desired goal. Patty has particular expertise with high-end Hand knotted rugs, having worked closely with the top New York rug importers and traveling numerous times to rug producing countries to consult and advise regarding design and color directions.

Her ultimate goal is give her clients the best advice and direction to help them achieve their dream home. 

Jeanne Cottone

Jeanne is a 15 year veteran designer for Fiesta. Originally from Chicago, Jeanne owned her very own table-top retail store as well as an interior design business before she moved to Arizona. Her vast experience shows throughout her work, and she will surely shock you with how quickly, and easily she can tie together a wonderful interior design project for you.