Fiesta Furnishings' Guide to Customizing Your Furniture Upholstery

You just moved into your new home, or maybe you are ready to take the next step towards that refresh you've been thinking about. Whatever it may be, your home is unique and your furniture should accentuate that. At Fiesta Furnishings it's our job to make sure your home fits your design, personality, and your activities. But with thousands of frames, fabrics, leathers, wood finishes, etc. where do you possibly start?

This is Fiesta Furnishings' guide to designing your next masterpiece. 

Step 1: Choose Your Furniture Piece.


This may sound obvious, but selecting the right furniture piece or pieces can sometimes be more challenging than you think! Do you fit your living room with a sectional, or two sofas? Maybe a sofa and a loveseat would work best? A lot of this depends on the layout of your room and your goals. If you are unsure what will work best, talk to us or go to step 2 and revisit this step!












Step 2: Identify the Primary Use of Your Sofa, Chair, Sectional, etc.


Will this primarily be for family gatherings, guests in town, or display.













...or maybe it's a lounging area for your dog, Rufus?


Defining the purpose will help you

determine several things like size, budget, and even fabric or leather selection. 

Step 3: Select a Frame.












Picking a frame is like choosing what car you want before you select all the options. The frame will determine the shape, the measurements, and how your piece will sit. A crucial aspect of choosing the correct frame is the seat depth. A long seat depth will give you a comfortable and very laid back position, but it will be much more difficult to get out of! A short seat depth will allow you to sit upright with ease. The best way to select the perfect frame is by sitting in them! Everyone prefers a different frame for different reasons and it often has to do with your height. We have all different sizes in our showroom so you can select the perfect frame for you.

Step 3: Determine if You Want Leather, Fabric, or A Combination of Both.


Leather and fabric both have advantages and disadvantages. Step 2 will help you determine if fabric or leather is a better option. Luckily with today's technology you can likely choose whichever one you prefer due to high performance options. Consult with one of our designers which type of fabric or leather will suit your lifestyle best. 

Step 4: Pick Your Arms

  • Sock

  • Track

  • Panel

  • Sock

  • English

  • Recessed

  • Notch

Most pieces will offer a few to choose from, but some can have up to 8 options! The arm you choose largely comes down to style preference. A track arm is common for more modern homes, while a panel arm will give you a more traditional look. 

Step 5: Choose Your Back

  • Loose Border Back

  • Attached Border Back

  • Loose Knife Edge Back

  • Attached Knife Edge Back


Step 6: Choose Your Base

  • Turned Leg

  • Modern Leg

  • Skirt

  • Upholstered Base


Step 7: Select Your Wood Finish (if your piece has wood legs).


This step is rather simple and it comes down to your personal preference! Many of our sofas come with lighter and darker finishes to help blend in with your living room.











Ask your designer about premium finishes if you want something more unique!

Step 8: Select Your Nailheads 

Nailheads are a nice touch to complete your piece and add some flair. If you want a simple and modern look you are probably going to forego this option. If you want that classic, hand-made traditional look, your nailhead selection will be key! We have a board with all of your optional nailheads so you can see in person how they tie the look together.

Step 9: Accessorize

The final step will be optional based on the frame you are customizing. Some frames will come with pillows or other options like fringe. These options will help you give your piece that extra flare of southwest design, or match that painting you've had in the family for generations.







The sky is the limit with how creative you want to get! 

Step 10: Review

The last step is to review all of your options and visualize your masterpiece! You are now ready to place your order and are one step closer to creating your perfect living space. Let the expert craftsmen go to work and you will have your piece in no time. 


Now you can look forward to step 11... sit back in your newly designed upholstery and enjoy what you have created! 


Cute Pug on Sofa
Colorful Leather
Blue Fabric
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